Payroll Services

The most visible function that Allied performs is that of producing payroll for its covered employees.

The payroll process affects every employee and can affect employee morale if not performed efficiently, accurately, and on time. Allied takes professional pride in performing its payroll function and strives for 100% accuracy on each and every employee paycheck.

Payroll services performed by Allied include a collection of labor data from client locations via the Internet, through our Payroll Web Access (PWA) or by fax; electronic invoicing the client, bank-to-bank transfers and the following administrative tasks:

Paychecks: Employee paychecks (paper) may be produced and sent to the client’s location for distribution or mailed to the employee’s address.

Direct Deposits: Employees may have their pay deposited into the bank of their choice, they may have up to five (5) different deposit accounts each payday.

Pay Card: Those employees who do not have a bank account can receive their pay through direct deposit and are issued a pay card.

401(k) Administration: Employees who are enrolled in a 401(k) plan may have their contributions withheld from their payroll each pay period and deposited into their account each month. Also, 401(k) loan repayments may be withheld from payroll.  Companies who offer their employees a 401(k) retirement plan usually have a better retention rate than those companies not offering a planHaving a retirement plan gives the employee a feeling that they are contributing to their future, and they will have something to show for their effort after their work life or career has ended.

125 Cafeteria Plan Administration

Medical Premium Payment: Withhold the employee’s share of the premium and if needed we will send your entire premium to the provider.

Payroll Deductions: Deductions from payroll for such purposes as IRS liens, student loan repayment, child support, levies, wage garnishments.


Labor Cost Reports

Preparation and Payment of Government Taxes: This includes both federal and state income tax, Federal unemployment tax, State unemployment tax, and FICA, and Medicare tax.

Preparation of Government Payroll Reports:

  • Multi-State Reporting
  • Annual 940
  • Quarterly 941
  • Annual W-2