Risk Management

risk managementThe role of risk management continues to develop and expand, embracing complex, demanding and at times unexpected challenges.

Risk Management now includes new categories of liability, new approaches to mitigate risk, the managed care imperative, regulatory changes and many other developments have an impact on any business. In an environment where change is a constant, it is important to have professionals who will invest the time and effort it takes to understand each client’s business and how best to manage total cost of risk.

We are committed to providing technical and management resources to specifically provide the highest level of expertise to effectively manage claims exposure. Each staff member understands the positive financial impact of quality claims handling, and as experienced professionals we are focused on the three areas found below.


Injury Recording Policy
Proactive Claims Investigation
Proper Reserve Management


Effective Accident reporting
Return to Work Program
Aggressive Medical Management


Prompt Claims Handling
Transitional Job Descriptions
Claims Subrogation Analysis

A Network of Specialists and Care Providers

Allied’s Risk Management staff has over the years developed a network of specialist and care providers that are committed to rehabilitating injured employees and returning them back to the workforce. Our Risk Management staff is always on the alert for signs of abuse of the insurance programs that are designed to assist employees when they suffer a work related injury. Our risk management staff will work with the employee, insurance claims manager, and client ownership to achieve the best possible outcome when an employee has a work related injury claim.