About Us

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Mission Statement

Allied Employer Group is dedicated to providing quality Professional Employer Services and benefits with value pricing. We wish to establish a successful partnership with our clients, covered employees, staff members, and our vendors that promote and respect the interest and goals of each.

Who is Allied?

Allied Employer Group represents three Texas-based Professional Employer Organizations with extensive business interest in Texas and a growing presence in the Southwestern United States. Each company, Allied Employer Group Inc., Allied Workforce, Inc., and Benefit Staffing are in the Professional Employer business to help our customers get what they want, satisfy needs, solve problems, improve processes, enhance performance, reduce cost, retain well qualified employees, and regain focus on their core business competencies.

Even though these three companies have distinctive features they all provide the same quality services and excellent benefits that our clients demand for themselves and their employees.

A Proven Leader

Allied Workforce Inc. is a 20 year member of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), and currently serves on the NAPEO Texas Leadership Council. Allied has been in business in Abilene TX for 23 years, and the average length of service for our employees is more than 10 years. Our senior staff has more than 20 years of service with the company.

Our field service staff are certified by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management). We are also 18 year members of the Abilene TX Chamber of Commerce, Military Affairs Committee, Abilene Industrial Foundation and member of the Better Business Bureau. Allied is a long time member of NAPEO (National Association of Professional Employer Organizations) and has participated in NAPEOs’ effort to inform national leaders of the important role PEOs’ have in assisting small business in complying with the enormous amount of federal and state regulations and rules.

Are We Right for You?

Regardless of the type of business or the size of your company we invite you to meet with our business development team to investigate opportunities to enhance the performance and profitability of your company. Not every small business is a candidate for PEO services, therefore Allied offers additional outsourcing services such as our HRO (Human Resource Outsource) services, and our Payroll Only services. We are able to provide the right outsourcing service for your company. Professional Employment is a cost-effective, viable alternative to traditional employment for businesses, utilizing economies of scale to provide a win-win situation for owners as well as their employees. Critical human resource responsibilities are managed with an integrated and pro-active approach by professionals.

At Allied Employer Group, we differentiate ourselves in the PEO marketplace by our firm commitment to offer exceptional customer service to our valued clients, establishing mutually beneficial relationships built on performance and trust. By valuing both the wants and needs of our customers, we strive to stay ahead of the market trends, offering services which enable companies to grow profitability.